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Feb 18th
Senbet Salem Wendim Yadon & Ihit Tehetena just informing yall that the Hebrew4Christians Levitical Torah Portions pdf are posted ises to Yeshua in HaShem of Abba Father Qedamawi Haile Selassie
Feb 4th
Yeshua Shalom Wendim Yadon and Ihit Tehetena Tena Yistiglin this INI Wendim Mario thanks for the communication on priesthood book I don't however the portions on pdf would it be easier for you if I make a digital copy or mail you the physical copy?
Jan 30th
Shalom Tena yistiglin Yeshua Shalom Wenim Yadon INI just ordered the LOJS copy of Kebra Nagast and INI wanted to share this project that INI been working on for a couple months it's basically a personal priest handbook for the members of the groundation ini have printed out each torah portion in the book of Leviticus from HebrewforChristians if there is a way make copies for the Wendims maybe a title page in Amharic and Hebrew
Jan 28th 2016
Tena Yistillgn Wendim Yadon another recording issue on the I lasted vid Joseph to Moses on the youtubes Shalom
Jan 9th 2016
Shabbat Shalom Wendim Yadon not sure if the I know but the Youtuebe vid of the Birth of Moses & Christ the sound leaves after a couple of secs Yeshua Shalom Wendim
Dec 6th 2015
Melkam Hanukkah Wendim Yadon Berukah HaShem Qedamawi Haile Selassie I BeShem Yeshua INI have a question on this weeks Reading is it read along side the Readings for Hanukkah or put on hold Shalom Misgana
Oct 4th 2015
Bless Simchat Shabbathown Yahshua Shalom Tena Yistillign Wendim Ras Iadonis in the name of His Majesty Haile Selassie InI received the delivery from the LOJ Society yesterday wanna give thanks to the I n the ones on hand to the Tewahedo Shirt, Ethiopian Prayer Scarf and the Judaic-Chrisitan pendent INI am over filled with joy InI during this season of Meskel and Sukkot been really reflecting on the faith of His Majesty Tewahedo faith wanted to ask the Wendim something concerning the Liturgies on the groundation site would the I recommend the Liturgy revised by yourself or Samaul Mercer copy the art on that book is selah moment that copy has 515 pages whats in this Liturgy thats not in the other Shalom
Sep 7th 2015
Slight error on the Torah Portion schedule well not the schedule but the Portion Outline for this Strong Nitzavim the out is for Vayeilech Deuteronomy 31:1 Shalom Rabbi

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