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RasTafari Groundation | Lion Of Judah Society! shall, by Jah's Grace, build a truly social Rastafarian multimedia, while producing consistent, quality educational, teaching and inspirational videos, and discipleship journalism. LOJSociety! must survive and grow with your participation. Now, more than ever, it is vital for RasTafari Groundation! to reach as many people as possible.

RasTafari Groundation | LOJSociety!

Listeners, viewers and supporters are always finding new and creative ways to participate, from simply tuning into the program, sharing and talking about it with others, to bringing RasTafari Groundation! to newcomers and disciples, even broadcasting on local radio and media stations in their areas. Some persons and groups have even taken out ad-space in magazines and on radio stations to help spread the word about LOJSociety of His Imperial Majesty!

Ways You Can Get Involved

  • Locate a Station to LISTEN TO/WATCH The Lion Of Judah Society! ministries unique teaching channels, views and news related programs. Others also have started YouTube channels, Facebook pages and other re-broadcast sites on the internet to get the word circulated.
  • Bring LOJSociety! to YOUR Global Community — Often, people download and make copies of documents and create CD's or DVD's to share with others who may not have access to internet! If you are willing and able to do this and would like to send docs and DVD(s) to someone in need please contact us for a list of persons in need.
  • Spread the Word — Just because selected ministries of LOJSociety! may air or be broadcasted in certain online communities doesn’t mean the vast majority of our people know about it. Thus, there are a number of ways for individuals and groups to get started spreading The Word.
  • Volunteer RasTafari Groundation! seeks the support of volunteers. You may volunteer in many ways, even from the comfort of your own home. Volunteers also may help with special events, lectures and projects.
  • Attend scheduled LOJSociety! Events — Check our calendar of events to find out about hosting activities or gatherings in your community, and then invite all your friends. Also consider volunteering at one of these events if it is in your area by other members.
  • Monthly Column — Ras Iadonis Tafari looks forward to monthly columns and updates to be published in print media. To assist, write to the editor of your favorite newspapers, magazines or publication today and tell them you want to see a Rastafari Movement section or articles included.
  • Donate RasTafari Groundation! is a non-profit ministry of the LOJSociety organization funded through individual donations with NO grants from foreign governments or loans from their banking system. We are in the 'world' not of the 'world,' therefore - EVERY contribution makes a difference. Thank you.
  • Downloadable Resources — We’ve put together a number of materials you can FREELY download to help bring the good news message of RasTafari Groundation! to the Rastafari Movement, Mansions of Rastafari, the Black communities local outlets introducing newcomers, interested listeners and potential viewers to the LOJSociety! of His Majesty.
  • Selassie I Stories — Need some inspiration? Find out what others have done to bring RasTafari Groundation! to their communities.
  • Teaching LOJSociety!RasTafari Groundation! is a valuable resource for students and teachers . Find out how you can use LOJSociety! resource and reference materials in your home, classroom and/or community.
  • Send a Word or Story Idea — Some of our most compelling teaching videos and news stories come from people like YOU. Thank you.
  • Send Your Comments — Tell us what you think of RasTafari Groundation! and how you think we can continue to improve our service to Jah's people.
RasTafari Groundation!
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This Week's Portion #47

Re'eh | ראה | "See!" እነሆ  | Ineho
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